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  • Done For You: Never have to think about re-ordering.  We will send you your fresh new 180-cap bottle of healthy, digestive goodness each month.
  •  Peace of Mind: Never worry about being out of stock.  It happens...
  • Dr. Christine's custom formula flies off the shelves and can take 6-weeks to get back in stock.  As a Recurring Rebel, your inventory is protected from the rest of the Smart Carb stash.  You will always receive your monthly Smart Carb because we have extra pixies guarding your special supply.
  •  Healthy Digestion: Continually get the digestive support you need.  As long as we are eating heat-treated, cooked, baked, canned, foods, we need enzymes to do their jobs.  Taking 2 capsules at the start of your meals assures less gas, bloating, and overall unpleasant belly feelings.
  •  Genius Blend: Get all the enzymes you need PLUS the gut-supporting, liver loving, happy pancreas, brain boostin' benefits of turmeric, black pepper, and cinnamon.  Extensive studies support these herbs reduce depression.  Now that's smart!
  •  Free Shipping:  If you live in the  U.S., you will always receive free shipping right to your door.  Depending on your initial order date, we ship same day to your desired location.
  •  No Contracts: Cancel anytime.  When you no longer wish to receive a monthly bottle of Smart Carb, just give us a call.  We will cancel your next order without any annoying or angry questions.  We are cool like that.
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As a Recurring Rebel member, each month Dr. Christine will send you an exclusive video, PDF, training, teaching point, to your email. These reports will ONLY be available to Recurring Rebels and they will be worth the price alone.
FREE Bonus #2
As a Recurring Rebel member, each month you will receive an unannounced piece of content. This may be a recipe, an interview, a book review, something extra 
in your monthly order.  
You never know with Dr. Christine.
FREE Bonus #3
As a Recurring Rebel member, each month you will receive a personal audio from Dr. Christine to tweak, adjust, and challenge your mindset. Rebel Rants can discuss anything from diet to self-esteem, to decluttering. Dr. Christine is sure to keep you mentally sharp
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